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Red Faction: Armageddon: Friv Game Overview
In my humble opinion, the presence of talent does not always guarantee the success of its owner. The work performed by a professional, but indifferent artisan, can sometimes be better than the works of fanatical talent. Interactive entertainment is the same story. Often in the template, but licked to shine "shooter" to play much nicer than in the promising concept work. The right place for a wedding celebration, whether it be a restaurant or cafe, will make your wedding unique. Play best friv games site.

As you probably already guessed, a striking example of the latter is Red Faction: Guerrilla , released in 2009 . Innovation brainchild Volition, Inc. for the first time allowing to demolish anybuilding, far from all overpowered. Despite the achievements of amazing technology, it was impossible to enjoy the delights of total destructibility. And the reason for this was a sandbox that drove into melancholy, coupled with a primitive script.

Red Faction: Armageddon in terms of mechanics - the project is more standard. Before us is a linear action movie, which has not lost advanced physics, but now does not boast about it, focusing on directing and the dynamism of the action. Did the next local revolution benefit the series?

Well, someone, and the inhabitants of Mars are definitely not able to live without all kinds of upheavals and upheavals. This time, the culpable cultist Adam Hale became the culprit of the “triumph”. First, the madman destroyed the device that supported the Earth’s atmosphere on the Red Planet, and then awakened the Terrible Evil in the face of vile creatures, which with their appearance remind at once of all tasteless films with the participation of insect aliens.

Darius Mason, the grandson of the main character Guerrilla , helped to realize the insidious plan of the psychopath, not wanting it . Now the Mason’s glorious name is blackened, and the unlucky granddaughter has to intensively clean it through an impressive arsenal of futuristic “trunks”.

As we noted above, from the eyeballs to the final credits, Armageddon rolls along clearly marked rails. And this really had a positive effect on the gameplay - no one else will force us to surf dusty roads in a slow truck for half an hour. Today there is no time to breathe calmly - you must constantly storm the dark Martian caves, wading through hordes of various monsters. And this activity is extremely boring.

First of all, because the authors did their best to entertain us. Want to steer a formidable walking fur, equipped with machine guns and a rocket launcher? You are welcome. Tired of this robot? Do you want better? Also not a problem - keep a hefty colossus about four steel legs, tearing enemies into pieces with an electric discharge. Well, Armageddon generally throws up new weapons samples regularly.

Here, of course, one cannot fail to tell about Darius's most significant arsenal in more detail. Firearm classics, plasma guns of all stripes and breeds, grenade launchers, a heavy sledgehammer, a contraption that spews black holes - more than one action movie can envy such a collection. Fortunately, the lack of ammunition does not hinder us, so you can not part with your favorite weapon for a very long time. Fortunately, there is something to destroy - there are enough fragile structures and buildings in local mines (albeit one-story ones, as a rule).

Plus, Mason is not forbidden to teach new tricks. These or those skills are released to us for the so-called trophies scattered across levels. In addition to not very useful improvements, there are those that really help out during particularly heated clashes. For example, the protective sphere that briefly surrounds our ward with an energy field is an irreplaceable thing in battles with the “bosses”.

However, the highlight of the program is, of course, the magnetic gun. Sometimes it seems that the whole game was conceived for the sake of this magnificent invention. It works something like this: we put a magnet in the first shot, say, oh, he’s in that huge crystal, the second - in the house infected with the infection of the "bugs" (so the characters call the freaks). It’s easy to guess what will happen in a second...

It is when using this miracle device that the most interesting situations happen. An object successfully drawn from the other end of the mine often succeeds in launching an unimaginable chain reaction that turns half of the location into ruins. The magnetic gun makes you approach the process of destroying opponents really creatively. Instead of busily picking the foundation of the building in which the enemies were seated with a sledgehammer, now you can gently “stick” the floor to the ceiling. Or come up with something even more sophisticated. In general, the scope for sadistic experiments is considerable.

And if you suddenly played with plasma, explosives and magnets and inadvertently flunked the stairs leading to the goal - it does not matter. The compact nanoscale shop will save you from “restarts” and angry screams: with a single keystroke, the necessary building is again in perfect condition. This little thing has finally saved the developers from an old headache that did not allow to realize the almost complete destructibility of the levels in the first Red Faction . The decision turned out to be, admittedly, very elegant. In addition, the forge can also be used in battle. Launch the alien with a heavy container, restore it (the container, that is), catch up with the reptile and seal again - what is not an option?

Alien, but not scary Two things are annoying in Armageddon. The first is ridiculous attempts to frighten the player with the sudden appearance of Martian animals. In truth, after Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth , as well as the Silent Hill and Siren series, it is difficult to take local horror seriously.

The second problem is that the adventure in the dark dungeons is somewhat protracted. This becomes especially noticeable after we are finally released onto the surface of the Red Planet: it is then that you are finally convinced - even in its current form, Red FactionFeels much more comfortable outside the cramped catacombs. Upstairs, at least, you don’t need to constantly peer into the gloom, targeting the brisk creatures climbing the walls, and there is still more room for maneuver. The desire of the creators to get rid of the faceless wastelands from Guerrilla , of course, is commendable - but why rush to such extremes?

You probably already noticed that the screenshots from the game were not made at the maximum graphics settings. But the thing is that the Buka company could not cope with such a difficult task as translating several pages of text: in particular, chaos reigned in Armageddon options - low video settings were honorably awarded the title high.

Of course, it was difficult to even hope for a high-quality translation of the subtitles (the original voice acting was not touched). And not in vain - the text is full of punctuation and spelling mistakes, and the rare funny jokes of the heroes in the Russian version seem hopelessly stupid.

Now in gaming forums, controversy erupts every now and then, in which users find out what is best - giving a sense of permissiveness, but an empty open world or interesting, saturated “rails”. You can discuss this topic for a very long time, but it makes no sense to criticize Volition for how it dealt with Red Faction . You just need to understand: the authors of Armageddon are not Rockstar Games with its far from modest budgets and are hardly capable of creating a “sandbox” of the Grand Theft Auto 4 or Red Dead Redemption level . But they can afford to make a peppy corridor thriller - which the developers, in fact, did.

Pros: dynamism; well-chosen arsenal (magnetic gun - a masterpiece!); Thanks to the excellent physics, dealing with opponents is fun.

Cons: flimsy horror; adventures in the caves have time to get bored.

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