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Cat Scabies Mite # 3
Tick-borne preparations

Ivermectin preparations are well used to kill ticks. It is available in the form of a gel, spray, and drug for injections.

Ivermek refers to antiparasitic drugs. It is able to destroy ticks at all stages of development.

Gels and sprays are applied externally to the skin of a sick animal, having previously cleaned of pus and crusts.

With otodectosis, the gel is placed in the ears according to the instructions.

To prevent licking of the drug, a special collar is put on the cat. If you do not have such a collar, it can be made from a plastic bottle.

If the case is fluffy, then injections of scabies for cats are used. Ivermek is made intramuscularly once with an interval of 10-12 days. The use of ivermek three times with an interval of two weeks is allowed. This is usually done if the animal suffers from scabies for a long time.

It should be remembered that ivermek preparations are quite toxic. Some cats may experience intolerance and an allergic reaction. After injections, vomiting, depression, salivation is possible.

Only a veterinarian can choose a drug and correctly calculate the dose.

There are other drugs to kill ticks. With otodectosis and notothedrosis, special ear drops from a scabies tick for cats are used. The order of application is approximately the same. First, the ears are thoroughly cleaned, crusts and purulent discharge are removed. Then, 3-5 drops are instilled into each ear. The ear should be rubbed with your fingers for better distribution of the drug. As a rule, drops from a scabies tick cause a burning sensation and discomfort. This is due to the fact that the skin inside the auricle is severely injured. Processing is carried out once a day with an interval of 7-10 days.

Sulfur preparations have a good therapeutic effect. You can use the ointment "apit", which includes propolis and sulfur. Ointment can be applied to the auricle and to the affected skin of the entire body of the animal. Before applying the ointment, the skin is well cleaned of crusts and pus. Then apply the ointment. Processing is carried out once a day with an interval of 3-5 days.

With otodectosis, the ears are thoroughly cleaned and ointment is laid. Then gently massage the pet’s ear to distribute the drug.

You can use the usual sulfuric ointment, which is sold in a regular pharmacy.

Aversectin ointment has a fairly wide spectrum of action. It can be used for any arachnoses, including ear scabies.
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