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Max Payne 3: Friv Overview

It is believed that some of the new advent of Max Payne was much more lusty than the resurrection of Diablo. True, unlike the horned villain, Maxim’s fate was somewhat more complicated. The thing is that the forefathers from Remedy are responsible for the continuation , but the criminal affairs of the master from Rockstar . And perhaps the first thing they rolled out to the public was a screenshot of the suddenly balding Max surrounded by a sunny Brazilian favela. The fan community instantly exploded in criticism: “What? Max is bald ?! Yes you are kidding! What the hell is Brazil ?! What hash got smoked in there ?! What kind of mess and chaos? Get your hair back and noir! ”

And the closer the release date of the game was, the less such cries became. But gradually a very strong action movie emerged with excellent directing and extremely cinematic shootings. According to various researches such games as logic, trivia, memory and puzzle friv could help you to avoid dementia and forgetfulness.

Therefore, by the time of the release, the adequate majority was interested in only one thing: Rockstar definitely knows how to make great crime fighters ... but can it make Max Payne? We will devote our today's review to the answer to this quite logical and correct question.

The action of the trikvel occurs after a fairly noticeable period of time after the end of the second part. The deadline is so noticeable that we find our hero at a glamorous party in Brazil. He drinks and argues that "after five minutes, among these robotic people and their house music, you want to either put a bullet in your forehead or get drunk." And of course, he does not strive to kill himself quickly. Then a full guard takes place, the consequences of which we have to rake over for nearly fourteen chapters, stuffed with lead and riddled with noir moods.

In order not to reveal the plot moves, we will talk about history in general terms. But the general features here are such - at first it seems that we have the most banal crime drama, but closer to the middle it turns out that everything is not so simple. The finale, if disappointing, is only slightly.

The story itself is almost completely isolated from the events of the previous parts, which will undoubtedly delight those who are not familiar with the original dilogy. And this wave is explainable: a new locale - new heroes. Of the old characters, we have only come across references to the deceased wife and daughter, and about Monet, who is Sachs.

The main change concerns Max himself - he grew old and became talkative to disgrace. He comments on almost any action and event with his typical gloomy attitude to what is happening. The phrase "I was still alive, but I have never been happy about it" perfectly conveys the mood of the lion's share of his monologues. Forget about Max, who joked and released amazing metaphors - from now on he speaks extremely simply, but a lot. As a result, memorable sayings are unlikely to be more than five for the whole game.

plot is presented through superbly directed clips on the engine, performed with a share of styling for comics. With this, Rockstar developerseverything was always in perfect order, but here they practically surpassed themselves. An important role in this is played by the complete absence of loading screens. While the new chapter is loading, we are shown a cut-scene, towards the end of which the camera smoothly approaches the starting position behind the hero’s shoulder, and they pass control to us without warning. In addition, sometimes Max gets up some scripted acrobatic studies, and we can only shoot back while he takes off on a hook or falls from a water tower. The feeling is as if you are really in the movie.

In general, it is worth noting that almost everything around is subject to the notorious cinematography. Perhaps there are no more beautiful third-person shootings anywhere. And this splendor is made up of a lot of details, the attention to which Rockstar games have always been famous for . The most obvious is the updated RAGE engine, familiar to many from GTA 4 . He is now trained in all DirectX 11 tricks and is sometimes able to do natural wonders on the screen. The physical engine Euphoria, which is responsible for the correct response of the characters to bullets, falls and death, was also added to it. Now the poor fellows very reliably grab hold of the shot parts of the body, drop their weapons, fall to the floor and try to kill us even from there.

But the most important thing is the gorgeous animation system of the protagonist. From now on, Max is taught to fire in any direction from any position: standing, sitting, lying, in flight - it does not matter. Hand-to-hand combat also appeared. True, it is very minimalistic: if it was possible to get close to the enemy, then Payne takes a couple of delicious blows, after which he puts the barrel to the head of the poor fellow who is caught and takes out the remnants of the brain. It looks wildly beautiful.

Well, all this happens in the highest level decorations. There is absolutely nothing to complain about - each chapter, of which fourteen, I recall, is an absolutely independent location of a decent size and with an incredible study. Together with Max, we will visit the stadium, the favela, the parking lot, the landfill, and the snowy New Jersey, and many more. Moreover, the gradation of scenery from glamorous clubs to abandoned and dilapidated hotels looks logical and to some extent even harmonious.

As already mentioned above, the gameplay “Max” has changed very conditionally: we have the same old good third-person shooter in the hallway with a screwed-up shelter system. What distinguishes it from the lion's share of modern competitors is complexity. During the game, you directly feel with what difficulty Max overcomes obviously superior enemy forces and various circumstances. So get ready to restart some moments five, seven, ten, twenty ... yes many times! Especially closer to the end of the game.

And now you can’t carry an entire arsenal with you. The new weapon transfer system is surprisingly logical and flexible, because it allows you to have only two one-handed barrels and one two-handed one at a time. Moreover, if there is a desire to shoot in Macedonian, then the two-handed “worm” will have to be thrown out. And for all options for shooting, reloading, jumping, there is its own animation.

The main gaming drawback is the soundtrack. It turned out to be very uneven here. On the one hand, for the menu it was written about five, probably, different variations of the famous title theme, and only two of them are really good. But in battle you’ll have to listen to some not very intelligible drum banging, which is not very encouraging. But in the last chapters sometimes really cool moments appear, but we will not spoil your surprise.

If you look at the "single" in general, then it can be briefly described as "Die Hard" in a noir shell "- there are too many parallels between the films about John McClain and the adventures of our current hero. From purely visual, like a bald head, to the similarity of some scenes and the general principles of plot construction. And yes, there is noir. Disagree, please read about this genre of cinema, and only then shout in the comments.

On the other hand, the characters are less colorful than in the first part. All - both primary and secondary. Max has grown old, aching a lot about his life, and rather ordinary idiots surround him, of which it is unlikely that anyone can be singled out.

Finally, let's say a few words about multiplayer, which is not only present here, but also worthy of mention. The logical background of what is happening in the fields of network battles is simple and concise. Throughout the game, Max will regularly meet a variety of gangs, which, among other things, will fight with each other - it is in these wars that we will participate online.

The main feature of the local multiplayer is time dilation. This has already been done at FEAR , but Rockstarcame up with to slow it down not on the entire map at the same time, but in a certain area. When a player activates a slow mo, everything around him within a radius of several meters slows down. And the rest continue to run on the map at the same speed. There is a simple but pleasant “pumping”, where with each level they give access to new weapons, useful things and more.

But we will not focus heavily on this. We will only make a reservation that due to a couple of fresh ideas, a pleasant balance and non-jaded modes, playing on the network is quite interesting. In addition, you can gather a gang of friends and act as an organized group.

The main problem at the moment is that it is not always possible to play normally. At first, even in the "single" game started up with difficulty. Now these problems remain only in multiplayer, because I personally regularly throw me out after 5-7 minutes of playing the main menu. I really hope that this trouble will be fixed in the coming days.

Now, back to the question that was outlined at the very beginning: did Rockstar have exactly “Max Payne”? What do we have in the end? And we have an excellent crime thriller in which you can only find fault with music, the rest is exclusively gustatory. In addition, this is quite a continuation of the series, because Max is not just for show (he is even voiced by the old actor). Bald Payne, at the sight of which fans spit bile, there are not so many, by the way.

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