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Warriors of the North: Y8 Overview
It just so happened that winter, snow, north and the Vikings are dearly loved by the developers of all stripes and breeds. Snow interspersed with sparkling ice looks better than leaves and ponds, ceteris paribus. In addition, Scandinavian folklore gives the authors of texts and other entourage the opportunity to relax a bit. Because all of these Odin, Frey, Valkyries and Jotuns, despite being pretty worn out, still did not have time to become boring to the population like Zeus and Aphrodites, for example. Even despite Marvel, with their peculiar interpretation of the northern mythological canon.

Already the Igromir version made an unshakable fact obvious: this is the same King's Bounty. Play best y8 games at the website. Y8 games online play the y8 games, relax, have fun. That is, without significant changes. With new maps, a fresh storyline, updated magic and a fun system of friendship with the Valkyries, but in fact it’s the same product that players loved in 2008, which doomed itself to endless repetition with slight variations.

Plot of warriors of the northrevolves around the fight against the undead. Fresh, like Orbits with the taste of a dead zombie, you know. The protagonist - the Viking Olaf - first exterminates the crowds of the living dead on the small northern island of Nordlig on behalf of his dad, king Tormund the Fierce, whose kingship covers already one small village. Having coped with the task, the protagonist, as usual, discovers that evil spirits filled not only his native village, but generally the whole of Endoria, which means that the world must be saved.

The world, by the way, has not changed too much. We will again walk around Darion, visit the Liberty Islands, meet old friends of the NPC, with whom back in The Legendnot one pound of salt was eaten by the Royal Treasure Seeker Bill Gilbert. The north is represented by several small islands, between which our hero runs until the first battle with the "boss".

In general, Warriors of the North looks like a “return to basics,” rethought and complemented by The Legend . This idea is prompted not only by the new-old geography of the world, with the help of which the developers shamelessly smash the fans of the series on a nostalgic tear, but also the revived "spirits of rage" from the first part, who suddenly dressed up in some places, in others - split, prettier and became the Valkyries.

The Legendactively entertained the player with courtship games. I mean, you could choose a bride, complete a chain of quests and get a beautiful wife. The wife brought the hero a permanent bonus, and each applicant for Bill Gilbert’s hand and heart had her own advantages.

The developers, it seems, also found this idea fruitful. Therefore, in the Warriors of the North "in wives" we will have a whole five Valkyries. Officially, they, of course, appear as fighting friends who help us in the fight against evil on behalf of the Scandinavian gods. But we understand - it is no coincidence, oh it is no coincidence that Olaf appoints one of the warrior maidens as his beloved wife the eldest Valkyrie. A beauty awarded with such an honor gives out to our army an enlarged set of “goodies”, while the rest “work” only in a quarter of their strength.

However, warlike girls are not strong bonuses alone. We can call companions to help directly in the battle, using a special amulet with the saying “Valkyrie Anger”. This thing is almost immediately given to us by a kind daddy who has no idea what the Valkyrie has to do with it.

And indeed, at first the talisman works on our own military traction. Having accumulated rage, Olaf can personally appear on the battlefield and distribute a set of slaps in the head, without specifically analyzing whether his own or someone else’s arm was caught. Or bring down a hail of ice fragments on the enemies.

Girls connect to the process later, one at a time. We stumble upon the Valkyrie in the most unexpected places as we move along the scenario and, having completed the usually not too difficult quest, we include a new girlfriend in our retinue.

Each lady can add to our arsenal of deadly ability, sometimes - not even one at a time. As a rule, we are talking about the mass defeat of enemies. A Valkyrie named Krista sets a trap on the battlefield - a very attractive chest of gold that damages a greedy enemy seduced by treasures. Hilda defeats the random "units" in the opponent’s army with arrows, and Regina sends a meteorite burning from the very thick of the enemy’s army, from which the lava golem also “hatches”.

Not without fun incidents. Here is another flying beauty who sets Olaf up for a difficult battle, the hero in response wonders if he was hired for such a terrible business, if he needs the help of several warriors at once, and falls into the den of the first “boss”. In battles with these, we recall that all abilities associated with the use of rage are disabled. That is, all previous training with collecting the Valkyries in one single amulet is almost useless, because not one of them can intervene in the course of the battle.

Frankly, Olaf does not shine with intelligence. No, not with the intellect that a magician needs - it’s just as lucky with the class. The guy has problems, roughly speaking, with brains. Everyone can fool a mighty Viking. But, alas, we can’t help a hefty coot by anything. Even when the next NPC offers a mile away from the trap, we are often forced to fall into this trap, because other options are not provided in the dialogue. By subscribing to a task, we usually can neither change our mind in the process, having weighed new circumstances, nor conceived an alternative solution. Olaf is simple as a stool and just like a tank. By the way, the guy is not inclined to excessive manifestations of mercy and peacefulness: he strives, just a little, to attack the interlocutor,

Olaf’s aggressiveness does not depend on the class, and the class, in turn, does not depend on the name. Here, the same “warrior-mage-paladin” from the previous issues of King's Bounty reigns , only these development branches are called differently: Viking, Magus and Skald. The set of talents of the "Scandinavian" spill is also a modified version of the kit that we are used to in The Legend . The runes, long ago used to level a character, were simply told by Odin to leave "as it was," because runic magic and Scandinavian mythology always go hand in hand.

In general, the role of the runes in the life of the hero and his wards was significantly strengthened, adding, among other things, a new school of magic, completely dedicated to the ancient northern alphabet. Not that all the spells in this set were really new to us. Partly, the fresh section of the enchantment book was stuffed with slightly modified, but, in fact, long-familiar tricks, such as "energy", for example, colored balls that distribute mana or rage. However, there is a funny one. With the help of rune magic, you can "plant" a giant egg on the battlefield, from which, by the next round, lizard-like warriors - scrags will hatch.

In addition to spells, we were given new combat materials of northern origin - runes of defense, attack and good luck. Before each move of the fighter, we can use one of these bonuses to strengthen the defenses of the squad, increase the damage done, or give the soldiers a chance to deal an additional blow. The number of runes is limited. As well as the number of decent troops on the first four islands.

The developers this time decided to go the alternative way. The usual variety of soldiers, from which their eyes are scattered, “turns on” only after the victory over the first “small villain”, when we leave our northern homeland and end up in Darion. Until then, only local residents will be at our service - a variety of Vikings with broken horns on helmets.

In the northern army, of course, there are interesting personnel. A sorcerer, for example, can cause an enemy unit to fight on our side for some time. Northern warriors resurrect the fallen, and berserkers, surprisingly, fall into a rage and inflict repeatedly increased damage to everyone around. The problem is that strong warriors are not only expensive — we would have dealt with this — but also in extreme shortage. Northern warriors should generally be cherished like the apple of an eye - they are categorically not enough. As an alternative, only pirates, spiders and snakes, with which you can not get a lot of things, act on the native islands.
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