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Winter Voices Episode 1: Those Who Have No Name: Overview

Somewhere far, far away, in a large snow-covered valley, there is a small village. People here live separately and have virtually no contact with the outside world. They trust nature more. It is she who feeds and dresses them - the hunters are held in high esteem here. Generations of parents pass on their knowledge, experience and skills to children. Not only about how it is more successful to drive a wild animal or what berries and roots to collect. But also about what surrounds them. After all, they believe that everything has a soul, and everything, absolutely everything is filled with life, purpose and meaning. And this must be treated with respect, because the rest of the people are already confused and lost in trying to destroy what gave rise to them.

With such a wealth of knowledge, it is not easy to leave the village. It is difficult to break away from one’s roots and enter into a hitherto unknown, but such a tempting world. Nevertheless, our heroine did just that. True, after some time she had to return. Return to where she was born and raised to stand next to the bed on which her late father lies. Now she has to answer many questions, although most of them she asks herself. It is necessary not only to find out the circumstances of the death of the parent, but, and most importantly, to understand their own destiny. The task, it must be said, is not an easy one.

Yes, and the game itself in general is not as simple as it seems at first glance. You should not make a very common mistake and treat Winter Voices as a mediocre casual. I hate this newfangled indie prefix with pure and fierce hatred, so I’ll just say this is a very deep and well thought out quest with RPG elements.

The developers of this creation are in France. Their studio is still very young (created in 2008), and all they did before was projects in the MMORPG genre. Winter Voices: Chapter 1 - Avalanchebecame the first of seven planned episodes that will be released gradually and distributed through the company's website or the Steam system. These are several particles of a single whole, so the creators are convincingly asking you to take them in turn, one by one, so as not to lose the valuable and so difficult to understand the thread of the story.

The plot here, it is worth noting, is really complicated. You can immediately see how painstakingly the scriptwriters worked out the story they made up. As befits a game in the adventure genre, there are a lot of dialogs: conversations are not voiced by anyone, so users will have to do what has ceased to be popular in modern society - to read a lot.

Not only that, you will have to not only learn the information received during the conversation, but also think carefully about your own answers. The dialogue system here is ramified, and the reaction to other people's words affects a lot. Depending on how well this or that conversation went, the heroine will receive experience points. This is where the laws of role play come into force.

We are greeted by clothing. To begin with, the first thing that awaits us is the customization of the main character. You won’t be able to choose sex (according to the plot it will be a twenty-four-year-old girl), but you can conjure a look over your appearance. True, for starters you will have to decide on the character (there will be three types of choices). Well, then we distribute experience points: there will be six parameters, but among them there is no strength familiar to us, say, or endurance. But there are such interesting points as humor, intuition, or, for example, memory. All these indicators will affect both your ability to conduct a dialogue and the course of battles.

Yes, in Winter Voicesyou have to fight - but not with unprecedented monsters or monsters, but ... with your own fears. It will also be doubts, fears, grievances, memories - in general, all that emotional burden with which our heroine returned to the village. Battles will take place both in a dream and in reality - some non-material foggy formations will be our enemies. From each other, they can differ in size and, most importantly, in the degree of harm that they cause. But their goal is the same - to use well-known spells in order to rob you of more life points, completely demoralize and, accordingly, destroy.

But even the battles here are graceful and deeper than ordinary unicellular dismemberments. The thing is that at our disposal there will be no weapons other than learned spells. Yes, and they cause actions only of a defensive nature. In other words, they will attack you, and you, in turn, will have to survive a certain number of moves due to your intelligence and ingenuity, or go along a given route and stay alive.

The battlefield is a terrain divided into cells. The whole process is step-by-step - we, like our opponents, have a certain number of points per move and use of magic. Accessible witchcraft things will open gradually - with each new level received by our heroine. Play best friv games site.

Winter Voices is amazingly beautiful. She is thin and elegant in everything. She has her own completely unique style and design - the developers tried not to lose sight of any details.

It is necessary to play on condition of complete immersion in what is happening. Those who do not know the language, probably, should not come close. True, on one of the foreign sites I met the opinion that even the translation from French into English has a large number of complaints. Therefore, it is scary to imagine what miserable stumps of meaning and ideas would have got to us, if we took up the adaptation of unscrupulous domestic localizers.

But if you are ready for an active thought process and thoughtful pastime behind the monitor screen, then Winter Voices: Chapter 1 - Avalancheexactly for you. Having finished this episode, you will look forward to the next release - take my word for it.

Pros: strong plot; amazing design; Superbly crafted game.
Cons: sometimes slightly tiring fights; a disturbed balance in places (at the time the review was submitted, a patch had already been released that fixed the problem).

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