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The Cave: Overview Friv Game

In any case, there are special surnames that do not need additional representation. Play the best friv games site. Last name Gilbert in combination with the name Ron - of these. One of the creators of Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island is a title in some way, moreover, the title is specifically “adventure”.

When Gilbert in collaboration with Tim Schafer (Tim Schafer) - another legendary developer of of Lucasfilm - suddenly built does not canonical adventure and platforming, representatives of the gaming community have experienced some surprise. Another attempt to try yourself in a new genre?

The project is called The Cave, which in itself symbolizes. In the end, the story of the quest began with the Colossal Cave Adventure , so perhaps the new arcade from Double Fine Productions should be considered not just as a vector change, but as something more?

And really, having examined The Cave closer, we understand that old Ron slightly deceived us. This is not an arcade - this is a quest with platforming elements. The focus here is seven stories - the number of characters who arrived at the gates of the dungeon from different spaces, times and cultures. Each of them has a reason to go down to the cave. Or even the Cave with a capital letter - it will be more true. After all, this Cave is a rational and caustic creature. She promises her "cavers" the fulfillment of cherished desires. But do local adventurers really need their wishes to be fulfilled?

Here they are - seven in front of the entrance: a cardboard-fabulous knight who is afraid of his own shadow, a fighting half-educated monk, a strange time traveler, an autistic scientist lady, deadly creepy twin children, a village guy who is naive to idiocy and an adventurer who pretending to be looking for lost partners, but in fact is only interested in treasures. Each of them has a goal or a dream: a knight needs Excalibur, a bumpkin wants to find true love in the depths of cave corridors, orphans embarked on a journey in search of warmth, a monk needs enlightenment.

And the cave will help them in this, there is no doubt. Like the Golden Ball from "Roadside Picnic" or the Room from "Stalker" filmed by Tarkovsky, like a reasonable ocean from Solaris or just a genie from a bottle, this strange entity will give everyone what his heart really wants.

Despite the fact that there are seven characters, only three can participate in the game at a time. We must choose our trinity of heroes at the very beginning, before entering the cave. This means that in one passage you can get acquainted with only three stories.

The fact is that the cave modifies its “insides” depending on the composition of the participants. There are a number of public locations available for each character set. Visitors to the underworld in any case will have to pass by a fierce monster, find three treasures, drive three trolleys with valuable cargo for a half-mad miner. But, in truth, it is these sections of the track that seem a little boring and monotonous - mainly because of the need to repeatedly wind up kilometers in order to perform fairly simple tasks. So, we will have to return three times for dynamite through the entire mine to get to the next blockage, behind which another trolley is hidden.

The fun begins when we find ourselves in one of the “personal” locations intended for specific travelers from among the seven that were at the entrance. There is no way to get there without a key character - only a hero endowed with a special ability can pass.

By the way, it seems that we haven’t talked about abilities yet. And here there is something to tell. After all, visitors to the cave are not only diverse creatures, but also powerful ones. At least to some reasonable extent. A monk owns telekinesis, a knight can become invulnerable, a researcher breaks into computer systems, a village fool breathes underwater.

Typically, these skills are of paramount importance only in the location devoted to a specific hero. Without invulnerability, it’s impossible to reach the knight’s sword, underwater breathing is necessary to swim to the fair, where the rednecker has to meet his love, and the ability of the priestess of science to open combination locks will help to get through the laboratory.

Actually, in this very personal performing-desirable place of our heroes the most evil taunts of the cave mind await.

A knight, for example, has a traditional knightly affair. To try to get a sword from a stone, he must first bring his daughter-in-law's amulet to the future father-in-law. The princess is supposed to voluntarily give this sign of love to the pretender of her hand and heart. However, in reality it turns out that the royal daughter is ready to give her jewelry to a knight only if he brings her the treasure that the dragon is guarding.

An unarmed and cowardly knight steals a jewel from a monster, helplessly watches the princess's inglorious death and brings her father an amulet spit out by a dragon as unnecessary. And the spirit of the cave, meanwhile, ironically advises us to wash the "gift" from the remains of the girl - this is supposedly simple politeness.

It is not surprising that an antihero knight cannot get his sword out of stone on his own. He again has to resort to shameful tricks. And literally at the next movement through the cave - when our trinity is forced to flee from the king before he discovers what happened to his daughter - the sword, obtained with such difficulty, slips out of the character’s hands and cuts into another stone. Now - at the bottom of the lake, from where it can no longer be reached under any circumstances.

Actually, the platformer got into The Cave in absolutely microscopic doses. Basically, the characters run around and, as in the traditional quest, pick up objects to apply them in a certain place. Jumping and climbing here is an element of the surroundings, not the gameplay. By the order of the annoying element, it must be admitted: most of the time takes to climb back and forth.

It is seriously complicated by the fact that at a time a character can carry with him only one item. Inventory is not provided here. He took it in his hands and carried it. At the same time, as in Maniac Mansion , it is full of useless things. And it’s not that it was easy to pre-calculate what is worth taking with you and what is not. This means that inevitably one has to return for tools of plot advancement thrown out of place, so as not to be at an impasse.

The tasks themselves are for the most part simple and will be affordable even for a child. Then pull the lever, there to balance the system of goods, somewhere to conduct a distracting maneuver, and somewhere - to charge the battery from a flock of electric eels. However, from time to time, developers suddenly surprise us with a truly unexpected move - and we feel the carefully tamped template bursting.

Gameplay is slightly sprinkled with pleasant black humor. The voice of the author, he is a cave mind, is completely not preoccupied with such trifles as morality or the value of human life. And he himself does not worry about it, and does not recommend us: no hero will leave the cave with a clear and unsullied conscience. Under the guise of a cute entertaining toy with “cartoony” graphics, a real psychological thriller is hidden here, in which the cave is a symbol of the unconscious with all its nooks and crannies. And not always - friendly.

The picture seems pretty nice, but nothing more. The graphics here are completely subordinate to the idea. Its purpose is not so much to please the eye with beauty, but to emphasize the characters of the heroes and the eclectic intra-cave atmosphere. It performs its task as it should - more, perhaps, is not required.

The Cave - the project is far from certain, not without flaws, not for a wide range. And at the same time, it is a vivid phenomenon in the gaming industry and a contender for an honorable place in the history of quests. We recommend that you do not miss such a novelty - you should familiarize yourself with it.

Pros: an unusual idea; original mini stories; unique characters; black humor; psychological overtones.
Cons: somewhat tightened levels.

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