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Passage of game Call of Juarez: Gunslinger. Episode 7 - Dancing with the Apostates
Follow the path in front of you. After a long walk along the hill, you will see a cut-scene with a wolf looking at you from above a cliff. The wolf will ignore you, so do the same and keep moving.

A further path will lead you between the rocks, and after a while you will see a rope bridge stretched across the river. Cross the bridge and you will find yourself face to face with the first Apache warriors. Shoot them, then go left.

Your next attraction will be a ruined hut that has not been occupied for long. Next will begin another shootout.

You can also replenish the stock of rifles in the tent.

Go out, go up the hill all the time. The path will lead you to enemies. They will all use rifles, so if you choose the Desperado class, sooner or later you will also have to switch to the rifle.

In the end, you will reach the river again; follow it right uphill. Two enemies with tomahawks attack you.

Continuing to walk up the river, killing more enemies along the way, you will reach a crack between the stones. Your goal is there, so make your way inside.

That's where the Indians stood

Go straight, but at the first fork, turn left; the way forward only leads to a big gap. Soon you will see several enemies that you need to get rid of.

The plug is on the road, the right way is a dead end

At the next fork, you can go right or left. The right way is a dead end, so go left.

Another fork

Follow the path until another shoot-out with Apache begins; Now you can go straight to them or choose a longer route by turning left. Both lead to the same place, but a longer path will allow you to find the ammunition box and the Nugget of Truth.

A stone bridge

Exit again to get to another fork. Follow the right path, the left one is a dead end. The next thing you will see is a stone bridge that you must pass over. Be careful because Apache will reappear.

Entrance to another cave complex

Keep moving. When you find yourself in the illuminated part depicted above, the enemy will appear above. You will have to kill him quickly using the button indicated on the screen.

A large cave in which a mini-game is launched

Move until you reach a larger cave. The slow-motion minigame lets you take care of the five Apache warriors.

Death Cave in which you speak with the Gray Wolf

After passing through the cave, go to the cave of death, as the Apaches call it. Go forward through the tunnel, jump into the pool and see the Gray Wolf.
The Gray Wolf will get entangled in your head, forcing you to fight in your mind, in which you will have to kill enemies hiding in the forest. It is not difficult, you do not even need to move.

Indian shootout after a conversation

As soon as the Gray Wolf stops talking, he will start to run, and in his place there will be a very large number of enemies. Kill them as fast as you can, because they will keep coming. Take cover behind the stones, and you will be fine. A little later, a couple of stones will fall, and you can use them as a ladder.

Surface tunnel

Run through the tunnel in front until you reach the exit. You will see a view of the river. Look to the right to find a stone on which you can jump.

Turn right and jump over the next stone shelf

Pursuit of the Gray Wolf. Keep close to the wall and jump to the ledges in front of you if necessary. Soon you will see the enemy run away. Follow him.

Follow the Indian, straight to the sun

Everything has its end, and at the ledge - go down and turn right. Run uphill, killing the Indians who will try to stop you.

Sprint Canyon after the fight with the Indians

You should have no problem finding the right path here. While this is a chase, you have no timer, so there is no rush. Take your time killing enemies and keep going forward. The road leads straight ahead.


In the end, you will find yourself in a valley - and trapped. It will be difficult for you, because you have not encountered so many enemies before. All of them are located on the rocks, so you can not get closer. The trap is divided into three rounds, and your task is to survive. In the first round, all Indians will shoot at you from above; in the second they will come down and attack you with tomahawks; and in the third they will return to the rocks.

Here is the way out

If you manage to survive, the path will open. Take it and go left. Stay close to the rocks so you don’t fall.

Last run

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