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Reputable & secure online casino in Germany

As a player, how can you find reputable and trustworthy online casinos where you can play for real money safely and where the customer is king? And how can you protect yourself from dubious online casinos?

At casino specialists, we only recommend reputable and secure online casinos in extensive casino tests, to which you can entrust your money and your data. We have already selected the best online casinos in Germany, now we have the safest and most child-friendly in comparison.

On this page, however, we have once again specifically looked for the online casinos that not only comply with the regulations of the supervisory authorities in terms of security, seriousness and customer friendliness, but go one step further and are keen to provide you with a unique service that you can give blind trust.

Principles of reputable online casinos

All online casinos that we scrutinize in our casino test, we check the following points with regard to reliability and security. First of all, of course, we ask the question whether a safe and fair game is guaranteed.

I.e. whether the results are generated by a random number generator (RNG) and whether this is checked by an independent authority.

Gaming licenses, such as those from the MGA or spin inspections, already provide information about this. But also authorities like eCOGRA or TÜV Saarland constantly check online casinos for a fair and safe game.

This brings us to the next crucial point, namely whether the online casino in question is also regularly checked by gambling authorities. This is the case with all online casinos on our site.

Furthermore, protecting your data is another elementary point for reputable and secure online casinos. Especially because of the KYC process (link to KYC) you also have to forward important and private documents to the online casino.

The online casinos in our casino tests all have modern SSL encryption technology that protects your data from unauthorized persons and third parties. In addition, reputable online casinos respect your privacy and keep your documents safe. Data protection is not only available, but is subject to strict criteria and top priority.

Of course, deposits and withdrawals are also securely encrypted, so that your money is safely stored at the online casinos.

In addition, online casinos with a license check that the players' money and the online casino's funds are kept separate, so that the online casino is always liquid and can also pay out your winnings.

And, of course, reputable online casinos are committed to protecting players. This means that responsible gaming is not only made possible, but is also actively supported and that certain addictions prevent gambling and promote responsible gaming.

The top online casinos, as well as all other online casinos recommended by us, meet these criteria. The online casinos listed above currently show clear commitment to maintain the trust of the players and not to gamble away.

The field reports of players are also in line with our experience and our selection.

So what makes a reputable online casino?

You can summarize briefly. Players want a trustworthy provider that can be used in every way without hesitation. To this end, high security standards should be observed so that data and payments remain secure and encrypted.

How do I recognize a reputable and secure online casino?

Reputable online casinos have some features that you can use to quickly find out whether you can trust the provider with your money. The most important feature is a European license from gaming authorities such as the MGA or spin inspections.

In addition, licenses from technical supervisory authorities, such as eCOGRA, Technical System Techniks (TST) or TÜV, are a very good sign for an online casino that makes every effort to ensure fair and safe gaming.

In addition, at reputable online casinos there are addresses to aid organizations for addicts, such as Gamcare or Gambleaware.


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