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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2: Kizi Overview

“Days, months, years are coming. Time rushes forward, changing and absorbing everything in its path. Flowers wither, seas dry up, stones crumble. But there are things that do not change. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - stability is priceless. ”

This might look like a promotion for the new Treyarch creation . About ten years ago, publishers from Activisionfound a weak spot in the psychology of the modern gamer. Brutal heroes, large-scale battle scenes and graphic beauties created such a strong “wow” effect that millions of purses magically swung open to the creators of the action movie. Having discovered the secret of material prosperity, the developers set off with conveyor frequency to deliver endless variations on the theme of World War II or “USA vs. world terrorism. " But even the most beautiful things get boring with endless repetition. The developers, fortunately, have learned this truth. From the new project, Treyarch blows a pleasant breeze of change.

The specificity of the Call of Duty genre has always been in the entertainment that dominates the gameplay itself. In the best traditions of the series, Black Ops 2 is more a movie than a game. Epic videos and cutscenes are sometimes interrupted by gameplay inserts. Killed a dozen of two opponents - enjoy the view of the falling skyscrapers of New York. They killed another hundred - get a portion of the plot. Which, by the way, despite all its predictability, always caused admiring reviews from fans.

This time the story develops in two time planes. The main events take place in the year 2025. David Mason, following in the footsteps of his father Alex, takes upon himself the heroic burden of exterminating terrorist evil spirits. At the head of the latter is a brutal man Raul Menendez, avenging everyone and everything for the death of his sister. At the same time, David talks with Frank Woods, whom we know from the first part, and finds out the contents of the secret pages of his father’s story. Play all very more kizi games at the best kizi games site. Thus, the story campaign includes missions for both David and Alex Mason.

The linearity of the plot has never been a weak link in the game. But the developers, inspired by the reform spirit, announced changes in this element of the new project. Did someone seriously believe in the non-linearity of the plot? As you know, do not want disappointment - do not believe it. If we understand nonlinearity in the traditional sense, as the presence of situations in which the solution refracts the whole narrative in a certain way, then there are zero of them. Everyone will have to go through the same set of missions and shoot the same number of enemies. Almost all the decisions that can be made to the player are to choose one of two options: execute or pardon key characters. But not a further development of events will depend on several such decisions, but only the final video.

The storyline is not original enough to be admired, but short enough not to get bored much. For the proposed 7-8 hours of gameplay, Black Ops 2 will wrap up the banal intrigue regarding the fate of Alex Mason and offer her an equally banal solution; arrange a tour of Asia and the USA; once again destroy terrorism. As usual, this blockbuster looks extremely impressive: large-scale battle scenes, brutal military atmosphere, exploding equipment, crumbling houses and a charismatic villain - Black Ops 2 uses all the possible cliches of “cool” fighters.

Yes, in terms of the graphic effects of Treyarch, there are few equal peers in the world. What is happening looks vibrant and dynamic. Developers squeeze out everything that is possible from their engine in order to at least slightly transform the picture. Although the console burden and antiquity of the engine are already striking, the picture still looks fresh and fashionable.

But let's forget for a while about all the expensive effects, plot and “cinematography”. What will remain in the balance? Dry gameplay, consisting in the shooting of dull boobs, from the time of the previous parts, they have not become smarter by any means. Even at the highest level of complexity, careful adherence to all safety standards of warfare (do not climb on the rampage, hide behind shelters) will ensure trouble-free advancement on assignment. The variety of gaming locations, of course, great adds dynamics. However, in most situations, the player reproduces one pattern of action: rushing from one shelter to another and unhurried shooting of enemies “around the corner”.

A huge amount of weapons does not matter. Yes, the arsenal of the future is quite diverse: exploding arrows, paralyzing grenades, piercing the walls of a rifle can pleasantly surprise. But all this exotic is needed rather for the fun of weapons gourmets. With the least energy costs, a deadly hurricane can be swept through the levels with an ordinary rifle or shotgun. I recall the absurd situation of one of the initial missions. Mason and Woods retreat from the superior forces of the enemy. The enemy steps on his heels, the player barely manages to run to the next stone to hide from bullets ... And then Woods says: "Alex, set the traps." Maybe he would still shout to the militants: “Guys, wait, we are preparing traps here!”

Weapon news, not being particularly useful for the player, came in handy to dumb opponents. The twenty-fifth year endowed them with the wonders of military development and robotics. Costumes that make the guys barely visible will make your eyesight strain. And stray bots and helicopters soaring in the air will force you to use up a couple of extra clips. In some areas, we are given the opportunity to reprogram robots, and then the pieces of iron will begin to wage war for us.

Obviously, Treyarch is trying to change something, to introduce certain innovations. And although most of them turn out to be external excesses that do not affect the depths of game mechanics, the action component of the new Call of Duty is reproduced for the hundredth timeIt turns out to be cheerful and dynamic. The point is not so much in the cool videos mentioned, but in the variety of tasks and their stylistic originality - then we explode tanks on horseback in Afghanistan, then we walk around the magnificent city of a not-so-distant future.

Series in many ways became popular because it interrupted monotonous reels in time and occupied the player with unobtrusive and intense arcade tasks. In Black Ops 2 you can fly on a fighter, and climb the rocks with gloves sticking to the surface.

The trouble is that entertainment is hiding a humiliating arcade. These missions are not only not hardcore, but not even a single gram realistic. When Mason, like a dashing cowboy, spurring a horse with a grenade launcher at the ready, cuts out an entire tank regiment - you fall into a kind of surreal daydreaming. Perhaps you need to write a letter to the developers asking them to include in the next part a scene in which the protagonist, riding on a dolphin, drowns the atomic submarine of terrorists.

Not without stealth tasks. As usual, along with a partner, you need to slip past formidable enemy units or security drones. To feel like a virtuoso scout, ethereal shadow and a ninja in the night, just bury your nose in the back of a comrade and dutifully follow him. Of course, there is no creativity here , as in Thief.

The so-called special operations of the shock detachment deserve special mention. These missions open as additional during the passage of a single player campaign. Their completion is optional. The idea is that the player gets the opportunity of strategic planning: for the operation to be performed, it is necessary to arrange the fighters and equipment in the “top view” mode in the optimal way, and assign them a movement route. The idea of ​​the developers was not very successful: tactical wisdom hardly fit into the style of the series. In addition, in many ways, these special operations resemble a war with bots. But why is it needed if Treyarch offered us the exciting features of network combat?

One of Call of Duty 's Most Powerful and Attractive PointsThere has always been multiplayer. Nevertheless, Modern Warfare 3 could not compete not only with the deeper and more thoughtful Battlefield 3 , but even with the previous parts of the series. Therefore, this time the developers made a lot of efforts to significantly upgrade the network battles.

The action of the multiplayer takes place in the year 2025. This means that all the technical and weaponry charms of the future are available to us: a huge amount of weapons, all kinds of “perks”, grenades. It is also possible to use the already mentioned drones. Modes are also enough: everything from the standard Deathmatch to “batons and stones”. The new modes are unremarkable: for example, in the Hardpoint team you need to capture and hold the “randomly” appearing points on the map. Needless to say, this time the cards really worked out and delight the eye with bright colors, unlike Modern Warfare 3 with its dull gray-brown palette?

As you upgrade, you will receive tokens. For them you can buy new weapons or improvements. In general, the system for creating your own character is quite interesting. At the beginning of the battle, you can choose a ready-made class with standard weapons. But it’s much more interesting to “grow” your own fighter. Equipment is implemented through slots - two for weapons, several for modules, perks and grenades.
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